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Patchtrends.com is the premiere pricing database specializing in Scouting Collectibles, with millions of online transactions recorded since the end of 2012. If a Boy Scout patch or Order of the Arrow flap has sold on eBay since, we know about it. There is also a growing community of data-driven individuals located on our Members' Only Bulletin Board.

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Patchtrends offers an easy and fast mobile friendly, web-based tool to explore this vast and growing mountain of data. More features and tools are added often.

Who We Are

Scout patch collectors, bound to Scouting's time tested values and ethics. Just like you!

Who Should Use Us?

Casual collectors and eBayers, serious buyers and sellers, collection appraisers for insurance or estate liquidation - the list is long. Many have also found the platform invaluable for item identification and research.

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Great resource and help to keep up on the latest in prices and trends of the patch collecting hobby.

Patch trends is great. Now I can look up information on priceing prior to listing a item on eBay. Great tool.

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Online Boy Scout Patch, Collectible, Memorabilia Online Price Database and Guide

Online Boy Scout Patch, Collectible, Memorabilia Online Price Database and Guide

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