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Patchtrends.com is an online price database for Scouting memorabilia and collectibles. There are millions of price data points, and thousands are added each and every day. Membership is currently only $17/year. Ready to join?

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If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with this service, we will return your money. Membership to this site and its massive price database is not free, but is very cost effective. One can easily save the cost of a yearly subscription with one well informed purchase.

We do not offer a trial membership nor a free search option, but the video tutorials and screenshots below clearly show what one will get with membership. Once a subscription is purchased, it will never go up. As our database grows and our services expand, this service will most definitely be getting more expensive for new subscriptions. The time to join is now!

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Video Tutorial - Jamboree Items Price Search

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